Integrated Drainage System

“Impressive, Fully Integrated Water Drainage Solution”
Drainage outlet for high water velocity

What makes the Integrate System unique is the combination of sub-sill and drainage channel merged into a singular system. The singular system forms a sump that can house the drain grate, as well as wide array of sills used in our single, double and triple track door and window systems. When heavy rainfall strikes, the water flows into the drain grate and through the entire sump. This unique system enables a larger outlet pipe to be installed directly beneath the sill allowing effortlessly draining water of high velocity.

Why an Integrated System?
  • Standardized design readily available in 6.5 metre lengths
  • All-in-one system eliminating the needs for custom designs therefore saving time and money
  • Fewer components making it easy to install resulting in lower labour expenses
  • Weatherable flush still threshold compliant to Australian Standards and the NCC
  • Integrated system creates a slip resistant unobstructed walkway ideal for wheelchair access and elderly while eliminating trip hazards
  • Merged drainage channel and sub-sill maximizes the area available for water storage capacity
  • Integrated sump enables a larger outlet drainage pipe to be install dispersing water at high velocity
  • Designed to block leaves and debris
  • Removable grate for servicing requirements
Wheelchair Access with the Integrated System